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2022/01/16: Let’s start 2022 with some first, good news!

— K. Mertens

2021/12/31: Hurray, the year is over!

It was a difficult year for me and many others, so we do not need to make a resumé! Let’s focus on the next steps instead – I can’t wait to make them all come true in 2022:

  1. Zerocat Chipflasher Flashrom Interface made great progress and continues to receive funding from the NLnet foundation! The project is now starting with core milestone #3(10).

  2. Boost production of the latest free software laptops. In 2022 we will continue to provide the best quality laptops and promote their use. Current trends in digital surveillance, social control and pressure, makes this more relevant than ever. We are all in urgent need of private, secure communication equipment and all-purpose computers.

  3. Launch of Zerocat’s crowd funding page. As we move into many new projects, we need funds to scale up!

I wish you all the very best for the new year and invite you to stop using compromised hardware and smartphones, throw them away! The sooner we liberate ourselves from that crap, the better we can save families, neighboorhoods and societies. — K. Mertens

2021/12/27: Zerocat Chipflasher v0.6.1 released! This is a major step! The interface to the project’s connect utility has greatly been improved. You have full access to chips’ configuration registers and their protection and lock bits.

As an exciting, special feature, it also lets you access and lock the Secured One-Time-Programmable Regions, often found on ThinkPads. Lock the regions, before someone else will do it!

Furthermore, end-of-write-cycle detection can be switched from polling to timeout – This eases flashing of ThinkPad models T530 and W530.

Please note that Zerocat Coreboot Machines has been advanced, too. It now ships version v0.16.2.

Last but not least, all project documentations support inline images – I very much hope you like that!

— K. Mertens

2021/10/26: Zerocat Coreboot Machines v0.16.0 released!
The project has been cleaned up, it should be very easy to use now. Special thanks to those hackers that have supplied hardware and that have tried the project on their own – you helped to improve it! See NEWS. — K. Mertens

2021/10/11: Some Progress / Jour Fixe

— K. Mertens

2021/09/26: New Projects / New Versions / New Documentation

— K. Mertens

2021/06/28: Project Chipflasher “flashrom-interface” has been updated: 1) Interface configuration has been put under user control. 2) Firmware “kick2” comes with improved block read operations (byte, page, block, chip) for the “connect” utility. 3) Next steps are tracked in project’s TODO file. — K. Mertens

2021/06/26: Sad to say, Zerocat Store Corner is closed. It is time to look for a new location, long-term or temporal, event-based. — K. Mertens

2021/06/14: New Achievement! Installation of an encrypted Parabola GNU/Linux-libre System is now supported per Zerocat’s alternate install script. See “Coreboot-Machines” dropdown menu. — K. Mertens

2020/12/23: Free designs become even more important these times, as we see that societies rely on solidarité rather than on commercial market in cases of emergency. The right way to go is to request free designs not only for software, hardware and seeds, but for immunology vaccine as well. — K. Mertens