Zerocat Chipflasher  v0.4.10-835-ecbbf682
Flash free firmware to BIOS chips, kick the Management Engine.
Zerocat Chipflasher Documentation


This Main Page is meant to give you an overview of the documentation, which should help you to get started along with other documents:

If you are in a hurry to apply coreboot or libreboot on your machine, first check Supported Devices to see if it is supported.
If it is not, you might consider to provide your hardware for tests. We would love to try it and will improve the chipflasher by the way.

To generate free firmware ROMs suitable for flashing, you might want to use the Zerocat “Coreboot-Machines” Project.

Have fun with these sources!
Everyone should flash a free BIOS at least once in his lifetime ;-)
It is an exciting experience.

Changes related to hardware and software are tracked in separate files: Board Version History and Version History
Care has been taken to keep the software compatible with the RYF-certified chipflasher “board-edition-1” device, so please feel free to upgrade.

The Circuit Board

The circuit board is the essential part of the Zerocat Chipflasher: The hardware. As we are aiming for Do-it-Yourself, this documentation should help you to build your own device. If anything is unclear, please report.

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Kick – The Board’s Firmware

The firmware of the chipflasher board is called kick; its source files are located under the firmware/src/ folder. See Files.

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Connect – The Host Utility

The host utility connect is part of the flasher project, for the board’s firmware kick needs someone to talk to. The capabilities of a terminal, set up by propeller-load, are not sufficient. Therefore, sample code had been used to start building up connect. Now it is a small program that suits our needs, its code is located under the host/src/ folder. See Files.

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Operating the Device

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Accompanying Pages

This project is accompanied with some more documents that might be useful to describe the spirit and the scope of “knowledge” behind it.

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This project ships with four license files:

Flashrom Interface and Firmware Review

The project will be enriched by an interface for the flashrom utility. Coding goes along with a complete firmware review, using the Spin/PASM language. This is work in progress, funded by the NLnet Foundation and the NGI Zero PET Fund. See the prebuilt documentation: Zerocat Chipflasher Flashrom Interface Documentation