Zerocat Chipflasher  v0.4.10-182-333b622f
Flash free firmware to BIOS chips, kick the Management Engine.
File List
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 Doxyfile.origProject’s configuration file for Doxygen
 MakefileGenerate the Chipflasher’s HTML documentation with doxygen
 common.hDeclaration header for host/src/connect.c and firmware/src/kick.c source files
 filespec.hDeclaration header for the firmware/src/libcommon/filespec.c source file
 serial-codes.hDeclaration header for the host/src/connect.c and firmware/src/kick.c source files. Also used by host/src/connect.h
 chipspec.cSelected chips, commonly found on targeted hardware, described according to their datasheets
 chipspec.hDeclaration header for the firmware/src/libkick/chipspec.c source file
 fast-SPI.hInline Code Macros with Assembler, that provide fast SPI Bus access
 key-enable-bits.hEntities that help to configure allowed key input. With these keys associated are predefined strings that are used as menu options and input feedback at the same time
 proppins.hPropeller Pin Usage and predefined Bit Values
 putChar.cFunction to print a char to the default terminal. This modified version does not prepend "\r" if "\n" is passed as parameter
 putChar.hDeclaration header for the firmware/src/libprop/putChar.c source file
 SPI-command-set.hFile container for Module SPI Command Set
 SPI-flash-bits.hFile container for Module SPI Flash Register Bits
 kick.cThis file provides procedure main() of kick, the chipflasher firmware
 kick.hDeclaration header for the firmware/src/kick.c source file
 MakefileBuild the chipflasher’s firmware, i.e. kick
 board.cfgConfiguration settings for the chipflasher board
 MakefileUpload kick, the chipflasher’s firmware
 attribsList of attributes to use for gnetlist’s bom2 backend
 copy-symbols.shMake chipflasher’s gEDA-gschem symbols visible to gEDA and gschem
 rules-drc.scmList of available design rules for gEDA/gschem
 front-panel.dxfFront panel outline for the chipflasher device, with drillings
 ACY100SPCB source file
 Trim-Resistor-500PCB source file
 USB-Type-A-ConnectorPCB source file
 MakefileCheck and update hardware files, generate auxiliaries
 ANSI-color-escape-sequences.hANSI and VT100 Escape Sequences
 connect.cPrinciple source file of the chipflasher’s host utility connect
 connect.hDeclaration header for the host/src/connect.c source file
 MakefileBuild the chipflasher’s software, i.e. kick and connect
 MakefileOperate the Chipflasher, handle ROM Data
 manifest.scmProject’s Package Manifest for GNU Guix System