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General Documentation for the Zerocat Label.
Product Information Chipflasher “board-edition-1”

Dear Customer,

thank you for having purchased the Zerocat Chipflasher "board-edition-1"!

The Zerocat Chipflasher is a Free-Design Hardware Tool which continues to be developed voluntarily. The project consists of electronic hardware designs in conjunction with appropriate software tools, documentation and free licenses.


This device respects users’ freedom and has been certified by the Free Software Foundation in May 2018:

Scope of Delivery

  • Chipflasher "board-edition-1", pre-flashed with firmware "v0.4.3"
  • SPI Data Cable
  • RS232 Data Cable
  • Y-USB Power Cable
  • DIL8 Socket Adapter
  • Pomona SOIC-CLIP 5252, 16pin
  • Metal Container that provides a safe packaging with ESD protection
  • CD with chipflasher’s source code
  • this Product Information

Recommended Options

  • Pomona SOIC-CLIP 5250, 8pin
  • external USB Power Adapter 5V@1000mA
  • ThinkPad X60 Free Software Laptop with Coreboot/Libreboot BIOS, Docking and RS232 Port

Recommended Targets for Initial Testing

  • W25Q64FV SPI Flash Chip in DIL8 package
  • ThinkPad X200 Systemboard

How to determine the Hardware Version of my Chipflasher?

Your chipflasher board comes with an acrylic front-panel which holds the main power button as well as an informational sticker. Check the version tag, mentioned on that sticker, i.e.:

Version: board-edition-1

How to get appropriate Software and Documentation?

Please operate your specific piece of hardware with appropriate software only! The following steps will help you to match the proper version.

The sources of the chipflasher project are ready for download with the help of Git, a software which you will need to install as a prerequisite.

On a standard GNU/Linux Operating System — we suggest Trisquel — please copy all sources onto your harddisk like so:

$ git clone git://

Then change into the chipflasher folder and checkout your specific version, i.e.:

$ cd chipflasher
$ git checkout board-edition-1

Alternatively, you may use the chipflasher’s Source Code Mini-CD which contains, at your option:

  • this product information (pi_Chipflasher-board_edition_1.pdf)
  • the folder "chipflasher" including its full Git history
  • a snapshot of the Git repository,
    • packed as a ZIP archive
    • packed as a Tar archive

Where to start?

Now please read the chipflasher/doc/ text file. It should provide all necessary information to get you started. Please take your time, several steps are required.


As the chipflasher project evolves, software and hardware design may change. However, software changes probably still apply to your specific piece of hardware. Please always check compatibility based on chipflasher/doc/ and chipflasher/doc/ at your own responsibility.

Important Websites


You need assistance to get started? Send a mail to, but please accept that we cannot reply instantly. Note a long-term support should be negotiated individually, upon request.


The Zerocat Chipflasher is sold according to Zerocat’s General Business Conditions. Its Free Software is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

You proceed at your own risk.

EU Declaration of Conformity for the CE Marking

This product Zerocat Chipflasher “board-edition-1” meets the requirements of the relevant Directives or Regulations for the CE marking:

  • Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Directive 2014/30/EU
  • Restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment, Directive 2011/65/EU, Amendment 2014/2/EU

Please use the product according to recommended best practises in regards to Electromagnetic Compatibility as mentioned on the Product Webpage:

All electronic items on the product’s printed circuit board are RoHS compliant and the board itself has been soldered with high-quality lead-free fairtrade solder.

When shipped on paper, this statement is signed by the manufacturer:

Kai Mertens – Zerocat Free-Design Hardware
Dunckerstraße 74
10437 Berlin

Date, Signature: _________________________________________________________________________

CE Marking

As affixing the CE marking onto the product itself in an indelible manner was not achievable, it is affixed to this document instead:

CE Marking

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