Zerocat Label  v0.1.7
General Documentation for the Zerocat Label.
Zerocat Git Repositories

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Server Information

The domain names “” and “” are both pointing to our server. The server’s IP address is “”.

The Git Gatekeeper

Zerocat’s git repositories are hosted by user git, and access control is managed by a gatekeeper.

In case your public ssh key has been deposited on the server, you might talk to the gatekeeper over ssh and use the info command to get a full overview of repos and of your current access permissions:

$ ssh -2 -4 -p 32323 info

Note, as default, this will look up your ~/.ssh/id_rsa file for authentication. You may specify another identity file with the -i option.

The gatekeeper offers some more commands like help (which lists all available commands) and desc, which describes a specified repository, i.e.:

$ ssh -2 -4 -p 32323 desc zerocat/projects/chipflasher

Note the server’s ssh daemon is listening to port 32323 only.

Getting Started with 'Git Clone'

Private Repositories

$ git clone ssh://<project-name>

This downloads the repository and sets origin to the same used URL.

Public Repositories

Some repositories are publically accessible without authentication, i.e.:

  • zerocat/projects/doc
  • zerocat/projects/chipflasher
  • zerocat/projects/coreboot-machines
  • zerocat/projects/ps2-keyboard
  • zerocat/projects/turning-hook

Cloning can therefor be done using the git protocol:

$ git clone git://

These public projects are promoted on our website:

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