Zerocat Label  v0.1.7
General Documentation for the Zerocat Label.
Zerocat Markdown Usage

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The Original Markdown

The (original) language is described here:

Plenty of variants and extensions are around:


There a many different translators available.

CommonMark's cmark

This is a C/C++ implementation with an extensive test suite:

To run it:

cmark > out.html


To get something quickly up and running for openSUSE there is the "discount" package available:

Emacs mode

It consists of a single lisp file markdown-mode.el that needs to be found in the Emacs load path. (Does not work with XEmacs.)

Markdown Styleguide


This is supposed to be as brief as possible. The goal is to capture a minimal subset of Markdown that is sufficent for our needs and is understood widely by various tools.

Other Styleguides

We can take inspiration from others, for example

Practice with Doxygen

In the end it turns out that we use doxygen 1.8.6 as our favorite tool to create a consistent set of documentation that embraces single markdown files as well as source-code-comments. Unfortunately, not all tags from the doxygen configuration file (aka Doxyfile) are supported. Relative paths for IMAGE_PATH won't work reliable, FILTER_PATTERNS does not work.

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